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Alveo Care Horse

Breathing Coughing Horses

Alveo Care Horse, Vital Herbs, Horse Supplements &#10003 The Fetlock
Alveo care (ex Emphysea) Is an exclusive mix of plants designed to support respiratory immunity and clear the way for optimum lung function.
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42.95 EUR 
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Alveo Care (ex Emphysea) pf the Vital Herbs brand is a dried plant mixture for horses that have very uncomfortable breathing resulting from alveolar destruction.
Alveo Care of Vital Herbs Brand is a 100 % natural solution free from GMO’s.
Alveo Care Vital Herbs: mixture of dried plants for the respiratory comfort of horses. Natural plant therapy for horses and ponies.


- Thyme leaves

- Plantain leaves

- Horsetail

- Artichoke astragalus

- White Marrub

- Slippery leaves

- White bouillon flowers

- White bouillon leaves

- Stinging nettle

- Coltsfoot

Instructions for use:
Tub of 1 kg: 42,95€
Bag of 2 kg 69€: 34,50€/kg
Bag of 4 kg119€: 29,75€/kg available 8 days
Bag of 8 kg219€: 27,38€/kg available 8 days

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Sometimes the respiratory system of the horse is weakened by cold, moisture, dust, pollen and he has difficulty breathing and mucus remain in the trachea.

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