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Biotin Hard Horse

Horse Biotin

Biotin Hard Horse, Vital Herbs, Horse Supplements &#10003 The Fetlock

Biotine in granule is completed by an association of plants. Solid hooves and stiff hair. A stimulated growth for the horse’s well-being. 

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Biotin Forte of the Vital Herbs brand to stimulate the growth of hooves and stiff hair and assure a good quality of horn.

Biotin is used to have a good quality of hooves and resistant horse’s hair.

Biotin is an essential vitamin for growth and for the good quality of horns and hooves. In case of fragil hooves.

In the form of vermicelli, it is easy to distribute and to add to the ration. Your horse will love its light taste. Generally, horses lick abundantly the bottom of the pail when biotin in integrated in the ration. It contains copper and zinc whose purpose is to enhance the uptake of biotin.  Plus, the brewer’s yeast which assures a digestive and balanced flora and a good absorption of nutriments.

Biotin .. 1500mg/kg

Vit B5…300mg/kg

Zinc ……..4000mg/kg

Crude ash 37.30 %

Vit A .. 500000 mg/kg

Vit B6 .. 50 mg/kg

Copper … 1500 mg/kg

Crude protein 4.10 %

Vit D3.100000 mg/kg

Vit PP … 250 mg/kg

Lode….. 400 mg/kg

Crude cellulose 0.90 %

Vit E…….. 100 mg/kg

Folic acid … 1000 mg/kg

Selenium…. 30 mg/kg

Fats: 0.70 %

Vit B1 ……….400mg/kg

Calcium ….. 9.5 %

Colbat… 60 mg/kg

Methionine… 600mg/kg

Vit B2….. 50 mg/kg

Manganese 3000 mg/kg

Lysine ….. 1080 mg/kg

MSM.30000 mg/kg



Product guarantee without GMO


-Brewer’s yeast

-Cherry tree


-Red Vine


-Organic Molecule

-Organic corn

Instructions for use:

Add one dose to your horse’s ration for 2 months or 30 g per day.


Pail of 1.8 kg with a pod

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