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Breathing Coughing Horses

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  • MaxaBreathe Respiration cheval Maxavita
  • MaxaBreathe Respiration cheval

    Ideal for horses suffering from chronic breathing congestion or recovering from infection, contains key anti-oxidant ingredients, including Vitamin C as well as high levels of Omega-3 ETA fatty acids and a blend of soothing herbs that have been selected to help ease irritation in the airways. Alfalfa is also added for maximum palatability.
  • 45.00 EUR 
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  • Humba-Vet cough mix Leovet
  • Humba-Vet cough mix

    When the respiration of your horse is perturbated by a climatic change, a change of the place of life or the presence of dust, these granules to add to the ration will bring comfort.
  • 15.22 EUR 
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  • Bronchial Elixier Leovet
  • Bronchial Elixier

    The bronchus of horses are fragile. Dust, temperature variations or humidity and sometimes food: passage of the herbs to the hay… give to your horse an optimal respiratoty comfort with this elixir by Leovet.
  • 30.49 EUR 
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