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EquiCrown Active Compression Horse

Accessories of Protection for your Horse

EquiCrown Active Compression Horse, EquiCrown, Horses Equipement &#10003 The Fetlock
EquiCrown Active can be used for any application that you would use bandages for, a real time saver! Thanks to the stretch of the material the wrap doesnÕt interfere with your horse's natural movement while supporting and offering protection.
Size :
199.95 EUR 
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The new EquiCrown Active gaiters are now on sale on Le Paturon store.
Can only be used by pair.
These gaiters or pressure bandages for the front and back parts of your horse are made up to optimize recovery. A perfect anatomical form declined in different sizes for a maximum of comfort.
The advantages of pressure are also important while working with your horse. 
EquiCrown Active assures a pressure that contributes to accelerate lymphatic drainage that leads to the elimination of toxins. Pressure acts from the low parts to the high ones, from the pastern to the high part of the cannon. The fetlock is enclosed in a special dedicated  tissu, very elastic.
These gaiters or pressure bandages EquiCrown Active does not represent any risk because the system is made in a way to follow the anatomy of the horse in its movement.
The knitting coming from a high technology manufacture process prevents the constriction phenomenon. EquiCrown Active is made up in a respirant tissu, resistant to repetitive washes.
EquiCrown Active is set easily on the front or the back parts of your horse. With a zip closing system ideally situated on the front of the member. This zip is enclosed by 4 velcro fastening flaps for the security and the comfort of the horse in the movement or in static position.
Frequent uses of EquiCrown Active pressure gaiters :
- Regularly requested horse (race, jumping, complet, endurance…)
- Swollen members of the horse
- Sensitive ligaments of the horse
- Chronic injuries on the tendons of the horse
- Injury on the fetlock of the horse
- Postoperative to prevent clogging
- Postoperative and post-traumatic edema
- Edema risks linked to an inactivity
- Care for lymphatic chronic drainage problems
- Helps in the reconstruction of the tissues due to a wound or a tear
- Horse transport
- Chronic clogging of the horse
- Optimisation of the recuperation of the horse
EquiCrown Active is available per pair in green and black with 3 heights for the front and 4 heights for the back parts.
Measures to take on your horse before making your choice:
1- Height of the cannon to mid-pastern
2- Circumference on the top of the cannon
3- Circumference on the fetlock
Front sizes             1- Height          2- Circumference on the top of the cannon      3- Circumference of the fetlock
XXS                          until 25 cm         17 to 18,5 cm 23,5 to 25 cm
XS                            until 26 cm          18,5 to 20 cm 25 to 27 cm
S                               from 30 cm           20 to 22 cm 27 to 29 cm
M                              from 30 cm           22 to 24 cm 29 to 31 cm
L                               from 30 cm            24 to 26 cm 31 to 34 cm
Back Sizes                   2- Height     3- Circumference on the top of the cannon      3- Circumference of the fetlock
S                              until 32 cm 19,5 to 21 cm 26 to 28 cm
M                             until 34 cm 21 to 23 cm 28 to 30 cm
L                               from 36 cm 23 to 25 cm 30 to 32 cm
XL                            from 36 cm 25 to 27 cm 32 to 35 cm
Sold per pair.
It is recommended to validate the use of EquiCrown system with your equine veterinarian.
Instruction manual can be dowloaded here.

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