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FlexSleeve Contention Sock Horse


FlexSleeve Contention Sock Horse, Equi Flexsleeve, Innovation &#10003 The Fetlock
Equiflexsleeve can be used in the place of traditional standing wraps but can be worn for longer periods of time. Unlike traditional wraps, this highly practical sleeve allows heat to dissipate, does not immobilize your horses joints and will remain in position as swelling decreases.
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Equiflexsleeve, is a blend of multi-tensioned fibres infused with antimicrobial technology, that acts as a compression sleeve/therapeutic joint support for horses. It reduces stocking up and provides support for an injured leg and helps avoid injury by over-compensation on the opposite.


the Fetlock is the official and exclusive retailer in Europe of EquiFlexSleeve.

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Ideal for horses suffering from wind puffs, stocking up, lymphangitis. Recommended for long distance travelling and flying. 


Offering optimal leg recovery to sports horses in all disciplines:  Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Endurance, Racing...


FlexSleeve is an innovation exclusively sold by The Fetlock and presenting the following advantages:


        * Replaces cumbersome standing wraps
        * Prevents stocking up
        * Reduces joint swelling and wind puffs
        * Provides support and comfort for tired legs
        * Breathable, heat dissipating, and moisture wicking
        * Quick drying, machine washer and dryer safe
        * Extensive range of sizes and colour


A simple google search will reveal how widely graduated compression stockings are uses and recommend today in the quest of optimal performance and recuperation for athletes. The compressive sock is safe and easy to use binging comfort to your horse's legs.


This sock or” compressive tube” offer better support than traditional standing wraps, allowing a compression of 20-30 Mm Hg around the fetlock. The antibacterial material does not cause rubbing or hair loss.


The EquiFlexSleeve compressive tube or contention sock is made out of breathable material designed to disperse heat, evacuate damp and dry very fast.


Made in the USA it is highly resistant and machine washable.


You must choose the correct size sock for your horse, if the sock is too large it will not provide intended support. 

do no use coat shine on legs before using EquiFlexSleeve.

Be sure to watch our "how to use" video carefully before using for the first time.


Get a 5% discount for the purchase of 2 pairs.



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Equiflexsleeves Compression Cheval Le Paturon



EquiFlexSleeve are sold in pairs. In special bag designed to help with the fitting.


There are no fabrication differences between front and back so feel free to choose the best size for your horse.


For hygiene reasons, used socks cannot be reimbursed or exchanged. Some horses may bite the socks (even horses who are accustomed to wraps) and tear them, this is not considered as a quality defect.


Watch the tutorial on HOW TO USE EQIFLEXSLEEVE:


First order discount 5%
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