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GluShu Hind hoof Protection

Accessories of Protection for your Horse

GluShu Hind hoof Protection, GluShu, Horses Equipement &#10003 The Fetlock
The new Glushu to assure a protection of the horse’s hoofs. An integrated iron in a hull in urethane resistant that is glued in 3 minutes.

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Glushu is a solution to assure a perfect protection of the hoof with a maximum of comfort and security. Very simply, your blacksmith can glue the Glushu on the front and back parts of your horse. Sold per pair, unique use. Glue sold separatly.
Glushu is used in case of equine orthopaedics and does not susbstitute to irons or to hoof boots for work or stroll. 
The fitting time to leave enough time for the hoof to rebuild itself.
Does not disrupt the functioning of the hoof because the foot is not blocked into the GluShu.
The flexibility and the resistance of the glued faces on the wall are made up in order not to disturb the functioning of the hoof.
The glue is specially elaborated not to alter the quality of the horn.
The sole is cleared.
GluShu allows once on set to introduce the liquid hoof care product in case of necessity on the sole.
GluShu arouses a lot of exchange, opinions or questioning. The only truth is the one that we see when we test GluShu, it’s about proposing a product towards a research of an adapted solution to some restrictions…
This product assures a perfect set and shows wear signs on 95% of cases. The other 5% encounter a detachment or a premature wear sign. This is linked to hoofs that are regularly oiled or greasy, to the form of the hoofs or to the environement in which the horse grows…
Video technology GluShu
The uses of GluShu are large:
GluShu allows the horse to stay on work while assuring normaly the growth or the recovery of the hoof. It is advised to use GluShu in different situations:
- When the horse is sensitive or complicated to shoe
- When the hoof capsule does not allow to nail anymore
- When the lameness can be linked to traditional shoeing
- When the heel is very thin that the foot encloses, or that the horn breaks or is fragile
- When the horse suffers from hyper sensibility on the hoofs
- When the horse suffers from laminitis, seams, a damaged wall or suffers from osteitis
- When the horse suffering from the cushing syndrome has difficulties in its mobility
- When  the horse is victim of the Hoof Wall Separation Syndrome (HWSS)
- When the foot of the horse has undergone trauma, infections, fractures, abcess.
You can discover all the product’s informations: Information GluShu
Instructions for use:
GluShu is fixed ideally with the provided glue on the hoof of the horse previously ready and clean.
The frequency of replacement is on average 6 weeks depending on the horse’s place of living, an athletic use makes it deteriorate faster in addition to a road use, abrasive soils or some quarry sands. Finding in 95% of cases.
The glue assures a perfect adherance in only 3 minutes, what makes the setting very fast. When dry, a rasp allow to remove the glue visible surplus.  A tube to integrate on a blacksmith’s handgun or simply a classical silicone handgun.
To take off GluShu from the horse’s hoofs, simple ways allow to do the operation without any mark on the hoof of the horse.
How to choose your GluShu?
Refer to this chart front and back parts, if you do not have references, you can ask for the opinion of your black smith.
Sold per pair
GluShu weighs in size 1 front part: 259 grammes
Although it is very easy to put or to take off, we invite you to put on GluShu by your black smith.
The glue to use is sold here and is used with a handgun. A tube of glue allows to glue one pair.

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