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Horse Supplements

You will find here a complete range of products allowing you to take the very best care of your horse all year round. Assembled from carefully selected plants and minerals, these natural dietary supplements will allow you for example to build up form and stamina on a horse in training, to help horses recover from illness or injury or to aid healthy bone growth and development or horses with breathing difficulties.
You will also find in this range a selection supplements designed to have a calming effect on anxious or excitable horses as well as on moody mares
The healing powers of plants have been recognized throughout the world for Thousands of years.  In the wild, horses instinctively select the plants they need for their metabolism and equilibrium.  Living in boxes, our horses can no longer balance their diet, and this is why Vital Herbs has put together  an exclusive range of natural products based on herbal supplements in order to help you to optimise your horse’s diet.
Biotin is a popular nutritional supplement administered to horses to stimulate and maintain the growth of healthy hooves and glossy coats. You can purchase Biotin in granules powder or liquid enabling you to best suit your horses taste and habits.
Biotin is also known as vitamin B8, this vitamin is naturally produced by horses but any deficiencies can be compensated by a Biotin treatment.
the right dose of garlic given at the appropriate time of year will diminish the threat of respiratory infection. Garlic stimulates the horses natural defenses and contains essential vitamines. Garlic is a plant very commonly used in equine care. Well know to stimulate the immune system, it is also used on horses experiencing breathing difficulties. The recommended dosage is 30g of garlic/day for an average weight of 500kg. Garlic is believed to possess natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, however, clinical research does not always confirm this statement. When introducing a supplement to your horses feed, do not hesitate to discuss it with your vet. Likewise, the use of garlic as a fly or insect repellent is not yet proven as effective and we recommend that you use classical fly sprays. This said, the high proportions of vitamine B and C as well as the iron contained in garlic make it a natural and reliable booster, easy to administrate and inexpensive to buy. The Fetlock provides a specially selected range of quality products with a choice of powder or granules in various quantities.
Top condition, vitality and endurance are acquired through constant and well planned workouts. These are also linked to the natural physical qualities of your horse or pony. Adding supplements to your horse's feed punctually can help to give him an extra boost. You can buy these supplements in powder, granules or liquid forms, and also in syringes, very handy for taking to a show. You will find a complete range of vitamins and proteins to better stamina, to boost energy and  to increase muscle development in view of showjumping, eventing,  dressage or racing or endurance
We help you to address the specific needs of your horse. Discover our natural products: such as Cushless or Sarcless, from the brand Vitlal Herbs. Le Paturon helps you to identify plant-based treatments for your horse and pony's every requirement.
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