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Magnetic stable boots - Recuptex

Accessories of Protection for your Horse

Magnetic stable boots - Recuptex, Kentucky, Horses Equipement &#10003 The Fetlock
If you are looking to protect and support your horsesÕ legs whilst stabled, these boots offer a safe and easy solution to bandaging. The Kentucky Horsewear magnetic stable boots combine 21st Century fabric technology with an anatomically shaped exterior, incorporating removable, breathable wraps styled in an intelligent material called Recuptex.
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The Kentucky Recuptex Texishield pair of gaiters is the international’s rider choice to help their horses recover after intense efforts.

Transport – Training – Contests – Recovery periods due to interruption for medical reasons… This pair of gaiters if the best response to act efficiently on the optimization of the recovery with a maximum of security.

Technological characteristics

An internal structure in contact with the horse integrates a tissu composed of Recuptex stainless steel fibers. These fibers allow a restitution of magnetic fields generated by the horse’s body that influences directly the blood surge. Benefits are real for tendons and the joints of the horse.

It acts like a real and very smooth electromagnetic shield, Recuptex blocks these waves in favor of internal and external cutaneous tissus. The anatomical area of the horse covered by these therapeutic Kentucky gaiters are relaxed.

The external structure of breathing neoprene assures a total comfort for the horse and respects perfectly its anatomy. Self fastening straps are very solid and does not move when the horse moves around.

What are the benefits for your horse?

Decreases sinewy and joint tightness

Stimulates recovery, ideal when the horse is on contests

Optimizes blood flow on sensitive areas

Generates a relax feeling

Easy to put with a precise and secure setting

Time of application

No time limits

Easy and precise settings with elastic straps.

Ideally, choose to buy two pairs to make your horse’s 4 members benefit from gaiters recovery properties.


Easy 30°C washing machine maintenance. Like all riding products with a technology that allows a better respirability, it’s not recommended to use fabric softeners.

For a better comprehension of the benefits of Recuptex tissus:


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