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  • Dressage Wrap Boots Woof Wear
  • Dressage Wrap Boots

    Woof Wear
    The new Woof Wear Dressage Wrap Boots are Smart and flexible allowing for a wide range of strap adjustments, the Dressage Wrap leaves full flexibility of movement and the 7mm breathable neoprene keeps joints and tendons cool.
  • 62.50 EUR 
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  • Kevlar Medical Hoof Boot Woof Wear
  • Kevlar Medical Hoof Boot

    Woof Wear
    A unique close fitting hoof boot designed to keep wounds, poultices and dressings clean. Made using flexible and light materials to enable easy fitting, it is suitable for use in the stable and in paddocks by sensible horses. Under normal circumstances the boot is expected to last approximately 2-3 weeks.
  • 45.70 EUR 
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  • Smart Knee Boots Woof Wear
  • Smart Knee Boots

    Woof Wear
    Knee boots are specially designed to protect the delicate knee joint against injuries caused by falling on hard ground or repeated bumping during travelling. Suitable for use in walk and trot.
  • 52.00 EUR 
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  • Poll Guard Woof Wear
  • Poll Guard

    Woof Wear
    Attaching easily to the headcollar and so ensuring that it stays securely in position the Poll Guard, made from thermoformed EVA padding, offers high levels of impact protection to the delicate poll area.
  • 25.10 EUR 
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  • Tail Guard Woof Wear
  • Tail Guard

    Woof Wear
    This tail guard provides a good fit without sagging whilst at the same time being comfortable for the horse. Designed to protect from above top of the tail right to the end of the dock, it is manufactured from soft flexible neoprene.
  • 33.90 EUR 
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  • Pro Tendon Boot Woof Wear
  • Pro Tendon Boot

    Woof Wear
    Offering real protection against strike injuries The Pro Tendon boot is breathable and comfortable as well as lightweight ans easy to clean, making it the perfect protection for shows and training sessions.
  • 53.54 EUR 
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